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I am a Norwegian graphic designer & lettering artist living in Southampton, UK. After finishing my master's degree in visual communication at Solent University in Southampton, which followed a bachelor’s degree in graphic design at the same uni, I decided to stay in England.


I love music, going to concerts, all things type, experimenting with ink and various writing tools, house plants, coffee and beer. I am a notorious pen hoarder and can’t walk past a nice looking notebook without buying it. I get inspired by nature, music, hiking, people & situations.

When it comes to design, I aim for a simple, but good idea and a strong concept as a foundation. Visually, I like to experiment with different techniques to achieve interesting results, and my work is often a combination of analogue and digital approaches. 

I'm Marte.

“Epletyv” [ep:le tyv] is Norwegian and means “apple thief” — directly translated. 


Growing up, my friends and I used to go scrumping for apples in the gardens around my neighbourhood. We learned where the best apples grew, and which gardens that had the angriest owners. We had a get-away routine, but also a handful of excuses for when the routine failed.

Today I pay for the apples I eat, but the name has stuck with me.

... and this is epletyv

The video is filmed by my friend Bethine and edited by me. Bethine is an amazingly talented photographic artist.


Visit her website to see her work.