negative vibes only

2017 - D&AD New Blood brief

A poster series

The brief:

Create a series of 3 posters communicating wisdom and life-lessons without using words (lettering allowed). 


My concept: 

We are all different, but what we have in common is that life sometimes shits on our heads. Reality suddenly hits us in the face, we meet people with terrible personalities and our dreams seem to be harder to fulfil than we initially had hoped for.


These are things we just have to deal with and it is important to show that it is OK to have some shitty days in between, because they are part of life as well. 


There is a humorous vibe to the posters to make them appealing to the target audience and to underline that it is OK if you mess things up. It happens to all of us.

© 2020 Marte Vik Eriksen