Temporal typography

GIF: fluid typography exploring the relationship between right and wrong

2017 - University assignment: industry research

A book about temporal typography + visual experiments

Temporal typography is typography that changes.


During this project I looked into the basics of temporal typography, and built my research based on an interview I did with Dr. Barbara Brownie, who holds a Ph.D. in temporal typography and is considered an expert on the field. 


There are several sub-categories within temporal typography, but I focused on fluid and elastic typography for this project.


Fluid typography is change within the letter itself — sometimes to the extent that it loses its identity or legibility or both. The letter transforms from its original identity to take on a new identity, which can be another letterform or even a pictorial or an abstract shape. 


Elastic typography is like an elastic band; you can stretch it and alter its appearance through distortion, but it is still the same object and it is also recognisable as such. 


Many of my experiments were inspired by Brooke Francesi's work on temporal typography.

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